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Solutions for Independent Living

Aging in Place allows seniors to remain in comfortable surroundings

And stay in their community with friends and neighbors.

Continue to celebrate important family occasions at home.

Relax in familiar ways.

Retain dignity and respect.

Enjoy long held interests such as gardening...

And cooking.

Where grandchildren are always welcome...

As well as visiting children with families.

Universal Design for Access, Safety and Comfort

Aging in Place is a choice many people are making to remain in their homes, living independently for as long as they’re able. Often the home requires modifications to ensure ease of use and safety.

Stroke, surgery, illness or an accident may require modifications to your home. Temporary or permanent disabilities benefit from  accessibility modifications such as chair lifts, counter heights, doorway width adjustmants, and outdoor ramps..

 Aging in Place Architecture will advise and resolve the changes you may want or need done in your home

What Clients Say…

Heather Brin is a caring, skilled and dedicated professional.  I was happy to find her in a time of need!  In the days before a family member returned home (after a fall), Heather surveyed our home and made excellent, practical suggestions for increased safety.   She offered professional assistance in locating home safety equipment and supervising construction contractors.  Heather was generous with her time and expertise.  We benefitted greatly from her assistance.

Martin R.

It has been a pleasure to work with Heather.  She listens to our needs for my disabled husband and very helpful in finding the right solution.
Thanks Heather

Esther L.

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