Paper Shower-Fresh Wet and Dry Towels


  • Paper Shower – Fresh is a refreshing wet towelette in combination with a soft dry towelette designed as a natural shower alternative to cleanse your body from sweat, dirt, oils and odors.
  • Formulated to be gentle and safe for the whole family and every inch of the body. Leaves skin soft and smooth Never Sticky.
  • Towelette size: 10″ x 12″ Made in the USA. Biggest on the market and enough for a full body wipe.
  • Unscented and single use wipes containing Aloe, no harsh sulfates, no parabens, so no drying or skin irritation.
  • A perfect and smart new way to stay clean when soap and water is not available after bicycling to work, lunchtime workouts, outdoor activities, traveling, or any other sort of adventure.

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