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We modify homes to enhance accessibility and promote independence
for seniors and
individuals with physical challenges

Aging in Place is a choice many people are making to remain in their homes, living independently for as long as they’re able. Often the home requires modifications to ensure ease of use and safety. Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for individuals needing home modifications.

We create accessible design that is specific to each and every client’s own specifications/needs. Our Aging in Place specialist, Heather Brin, has extensive experience working with clients who require particular spatial and/or visual accommodations, and those who wish to age in place and need their homes changed to accommodate the needs associated with aging.


The homes of many seniors and disabled individuals lack the necessary structural features and support systems that can make independent living a viable and safe option.

A design expert can update existing homes with simple changes that add safety for seniors or those with physical challenges, and create an environment that promotes independent living. By continuing to live in your home, Aging in Place enables you to maintain dignity and respect, stay connected to your community, friends and family and continue enjoying hobbies such as gardening and cooking.

Our specialist possess expert knowledge of features that are intended to enhance safety and inclusiveness for persons of all ages and abilities. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Heather Brin is a caring, skilled and dedicated professional. I was happy to find her in a time of need! In the days before a family member returned home after a fall, Heather surveyed our home and made excellent, practical suggestions for increased safety.

She offered professional assistance in locating home safety equipment and supervising construction contractors. We benefitted greatly from her assistance.

Martin R.

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