Our design expert, who specializes in Aging In Place design needs, evaluates your home for accessibility and safety. They will make recommendations to resolve physical obstacles and create a safer living environment. These recommendations can be implemented directly by the design expert or specialists (plumbers, carpenters, etc.) who will be hired by them to make these changes. These alterations will be made as unobtrusively as possible so that they do not decrease the real estate value, but will hopefully increase it.

At the conclusion of the home inspection and interview(s), a detailed client-specific report will be produced that will detail our recommendation for the home modifications, and other considerations for improving one’s safety and promote independent living. This report will also include a Work Proposal, which will describe in detail the work to be performed, estimated costs, project notes, etc. The client at the time can then hire the firm to perform the work as proposed. Our firm will be then sub-contract out different elements of the Work Proposal as needed to the appropriate specialists, such as plumbers, electricians, etc. to perform the work as specified and ensure it’s done according to plans, within the required timeframe.